Eva Howard RCM Diet and Nutrition Advice

I am the diet and nutrition adviser for Running Coach Melbourne and have a Certificate of Nutrition and Diet, including Healthy Eating Principles with Beck Health.

My general interest in the promotion of good health coupled with the knowledge of foods, a diverse diet and fitness, allows me to give a personal but professional outlook to help you achieve your goals.

I am passionate about putting my knowledge to good use for my individual clients, and can help you strike the right balance between good food and healthy lifestyle.

I offer non-judgmental and compassionate dietary advice and achievable individualised meal plans to suit your specific needs, food preferences and lifestyle.

I can offer clients very general nutritional information and advise as well as more one-on-one diet support for healthy living or for weight loss. Combined with a regular fitness regime given by the Running Coach Melbourne trainers, I can help achieve your fitness goals with a personalised meal planning and recipes.


  • Package 1 - General Dietary Advice Simplistic menu plan for 1 week ($30).
  • Package 2 - Detailed Plan Detailed menu plan for 2 or more weeks ($50).
  • Package 3 - Tailor made menu plan for up to 6-8 weeks Recipes to help you in your health conscious kitchen ($100-$120).
  • All packages include email and support follow-up, and continued advice for the duration of your training.

    Please email runningcoachdiet@hotmail.com with any queries.

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