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Running Coach Melbourne is a professional running coaching service.

RCM offers speciality training for clients of any ability. Our coaches are registered with Athletics Australia and have several years' background in top level athletics as well as other sports such as AFL football.

RCM specialises in fitness, developing correct running technique, weight loss strategies and training to compete at a professional level.



About The Proprietors/Coaches

Mark Howard, 45, has been involved in athletics for over 25 years as an athlete, coach and CEO of the Victorian Athletic League. Mark is accredited with Athletics Australia as a Level 3 coach. Mark is the original proprietor and creator of Running Coach Melbourne. Mark has assisted people of all age groups and is willing to assist any person of any athletic ability. Mark believes that having the correct running technique is the most essential tool to gaining speed and running long distances such as the Marathon.

Mark is a member of the Doncaster Athletics Club and coaches runners at this track. Mark and Matt Shiel conduct joint group training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm and 10am on Sunday. Mark and Matt encourage athletes of any ability to join the group sessions, whether a novice or an elite runner we can tailor a training plan to suit your requirements. Online training programs can be made available for runners who cannot attend sessions in person.

Mark has coached elite runners of all age including Victorian state championship runners, Australian national junior representatives as well training professional runners to win at the Stawell Gift carnival. Mark has a background in AFL having played over 150 games in the Essendon District Football League. He has coached TAC cup players and has assisted players in gaining speed and endurance in order to get drafted to the AFL, notable players include Bachar Houli (Richmond) and Trent Bianco (Collingwood). In addition, Mark has assisted a number of A-league and rep soccer players including Bruce Kamau.

Mark's professional achievements in the Victorian Athletic League include winning 3 major 400m professional events, including the 2001 Bendigo Black Opal (46.24 sec), the richest professional 400m event in Australia. Mark competed in distance events post his sprinting career and completed the 2012 Melbourne Marathon in 3hrs 58mins. Mark has also competed for the Doncaster Athletic Club and has won team relay events at an Athletics Victoria championship event in 2019.

To book an appointment with Mark, email or phone 0402 199 463.


Eric Sapac is an accredited coach with Athletics Australia. He has a passion for coaching athletes of all abilities. From the fun runner to the serious competitor, Eric believes that all athletes should have a goal to work towards. Whether it be completing a 6km fun run, running a Marathon or improving your 100 metre PB.

Along with coaching, he competes in the Victorian Athletic League in multiple distances ranging from 70m-1600m. Over the winter months, he runs in Cross Country events ranging from 5km -16km. Eric has experienced much success over the last few years winning races ranging from 300 metres ranging all the way to 8km. The range of distances he competes in provides him with a wealth of knowledge in regards to the training methods required for each event. Also, with a rich background in Soccer and Aussie Rules Football, he has developed a thorough understanding of how to improve the athlete�s speed, agility and conditioning in order for them to perform at a higher level.

Professional Wins -

  • Dandenong 300m Open (2009) 34.74sec
  • VRTA Epping 400m Novice (2009) 46.45sec
  • VRTA Epping 550m Open (2009) 1min10.1sec
  • Peninsula Gift 1600m Open (2009) 4mins12sec
  • Maryborough 400m Open (2010) 46.53sec
  • Victorian Cross Country League (Two Bridges) 8km (2011) 29mins29sec
  • Stawell Athletic Carnival 800m (2012) 1min50.13sec
  • Notable Performances -

  • 2nd Place - Ringwood Gift 400m Open (2010)
  • 3rd Place - Camden Classic 400m Open (2010)
  • 3rd Place � Stawell Gift Carnival 550m Open (2011)
  • Bendigo Black Opal 400m finalist (2011)
  • To book an appointment with Eric, email or phone 0468 491 431.


    Rob Adin, 42, is a former age grade representative and senior club rugby player in New Zealand as well as a premier level rower and university rowing coach. Rob's interest in athletics began following a serious mountain biking accident. Rob has now been involved in athletics for several years training with some elite coaches and runners based in Melbourne. Rob has competed with Athletics Victoria in the cross country series, Run Melbourne, completed the Melbourne Marathon half marathon and has run some professional races with the Victorian Athletic League with his best result winning the 400m Open at the Stawell Gift 2015 carnival. Rob has also competed in mountain bike and road cycling events, triathlons, tough mudder and ocean swim events.

    Rob now has developed a keen interest in coaching athletes of all levels and assisting them to achieve their goals. Rob has a focus on general fitness, correct running technique, stretching and encourages athletes to undertake pilates as part of their training. Rob is based in the CBD area of Melbourne and can assist any runners who are seeking training sessions in the city area.


    Matt Shiel decided to compete in Athletics in 2007 to get fit for pre-season football. Matt's notable performances have been making the finals at 400m Bendigo Black Opal classic, Stawell Backmarkers, Frontmarkers and Novice. He also won the Ringwood novice 400m.

    Before devoting time to athletics he had placed and won fun runs and triathlons in his age group.

    Matt also played American Football for college teams Auburn Tigers, Alabama and Mercer Bears, Georgia in the United States. He was first team All So-Con Punter and named on the College Football Award List. Whilst in the U.S he was able to learn from elite Strength and Conditioning coaches.

    Predominately from a background in Aussie Rules Football where he has played and coached at representative/TAC cup level he will be able to set up programs to enable you to play at a higher standard.

    With an interest in training programming and methods he is committed to fulfilling every athlete's goals to improve their technique, speed, power and endurance.

    To book an appointment with Matt, email or phone 0450 085 854.


    Pete Boardman, 51, is a keen fitness person who is based in the western suburbs of Melbourne. He has been coaching under the guidance of Mark Howard for a number of years and is a registered Athletics Australia coach. He has personal experience having competed in a variety of sports including sprint and middle distance running as well as cross fit competitions and martial arts, he has a focus on strength training as well as teaching all his clients proper running technique and drills.

    Pete is a passionate coach specialising in junior athlete development and distance running for athletes of all sports. Peter works with individuals to improve performance by developing technique, strength, speed and mobility. Sessions are structured to the needs of the individual and may focus on running technique, strength and conditioning.

    To book an appointment with Pete, email or phone 0412 655 010.


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    Running Coach Melbourne
    Running training for athletes of all levels. RCM specialises in fitness, developing correct running technique, weight loss strategies and training to compete at a professional level. We also offer Corporate Group Training sessions. RCM assists footballers, school kids, professional athletes, personal one-on-one training, corporate groups and anyone willing to obtain a peak level of fitness.